Database To Curb Fake Degree Certificates

Electronically Formatted Degree Certificates and Database

At last!  It is really heartening to learn that the Ministry of Human Research Development is moving on the issue of developing and creating electronically formatted mark sheets and degree certificates.  Hopefully the era of fake and forged degree certificates will pass into history.

Various education related bodies, and even the CBI, had been suggesting that the Ministry switch to the tamper-proof electronic format certificates.  The CBI suggestions came in the wake of their investigations into large-scale and nation-wide racket of forged degree certificates.  The fact that there are more than 500 accredited universities in India makes the problem all the more complex and difficult to contain.

The fake degree situation is reaching epic proportions and it is hurting the image and value of Indian higher education.  This is borne out by the recent McKinsey-Nasscom report, which stated that only 25% of the graduates from technical institutes and 10 to 15% from colleges are employable.

The knock-on effect of fraudulent degrees, unqualified and dishonest job applicants is also being felt in the world of business.  Pressurised HR departments do not have the time, resources or expertise to authenticate and verify qualifications from the hundreds of universities around India.  There is a whole industry devoted just to the manufacture of fake degree certificates!

The setting up of a national electronic database of qualification, from school to professional degrees as announced by Mr Sibal, HRD Minister is also a huge step in the right direction.

These two measures will go a long way to closing down the massive fake degree market in India.

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