Linkedin Under Threat From Fraud

The ingenuity of cyber crooks is truly astounding. There is no stone that they will not turn in order to make the illegal buck. The personal emails of people were subject to a barrage of phishing scams. This was followed by the Nigerian 419 fraud mails that caught many people in their nets.

The more recent identity thefts on Facebook and Twitter have been making the news. There seems to be no end to the travails of innocent users of various internet facilities. Now CISCO has come up with the information that even a rather secure site like Linkedin is under fire.

The modus operandi is to send emails with false contact requests hiding a trap for the unwary. The email contains a link to malicious software called ZeuS that goes on to capture personal information.

Linkedin, unlike other networking sites has a rather good security and screening system in place. However, no amount of pre-screening and other security measures can replace good old caution. The best advice is, ‘if you don’t recognize it, don’t go near it.’ An internet scam can be as potent as a bomb left under a bus seat.

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